Home Owner Tip to Prevent Termite Attacks

Home Owner Tip to Prevent Termite Attacks

Termites can be very destructive and cause a lot of damage to homes and business properties.

With most Australian homes and many commercial properties built using a timber frame, it is obvious this is a major risk for property owners. A termite infestation can go undetected for some time and then it can be too late, the damage is already done. In Australia termite damage costs property owners millions, every year! We see it so many times that properties are completely unprotected. A termite chemical Barrier may have been completed initially, but no further annual checking has been done and the barriers life span has well expired.

Also, Owners not realising that those lovely gardens they have created around the home, have potentially just created a possible undetected pathway for the termites to enter their home. Items that are close to the external walls of the home, such as the gardens, the Hot Water System being too close to the house, pathways concreted right up to the house, constant moisture on the ground close to the house, all create the perfect conducive conditions and opportunity for these tiny termites to find a way in.

Let us at Cornerstone Property Inspections (CPI Australia) give you the solutions to overcome and protect your property and make sure you do not have any potential risks around your home.

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Dampness at the foundation of your home creates ideal conditions.
Lawns & garden beds abutting the home.