Home Owner Tip for Property Maintenance

Home Owner Tip for Property Maintenance

WARNING – Common mistakes every homeowner needs to avoid!

If you own a property, or have an investment property that is rented, we hope you know how important it is to stay on top of all potential issues, always keeping it well-maintained.

Some items to look at, for maintaining your property might include, checking for water damage or leaks (very important in bathrooms etc), landscaping, fencing, servicing and repairing all systems, eg: air conditioners, solar panels etc, having a pest control treatment on a regular basis, checking for termites, cleaning & painting areas of your home as required and cleaning out the gutters.

These are all actions that should be undertaken on a regular basis and not limited to just the above.

Safety inspections are also an important component of property maintenance, whether it be checking outdoor structures around your home, pergolas etc for deterioration or having a professional check your smoke alarm system etc.

Unsafe conditions around the home can be dangerous and a liability and start costing you a lot to repair if not properly maintained.

A well-maintained property should retain its value. A property that suffers from lack of maintenance & neglect over time, will very likely decrease in value. Don’t let this be you!

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Non compliant support
Surface water issues due to broken pipe
Debris on build up on roof
Rotting fascia due to water ingress
Rusting iron roof
Cracked tiles allowing water ingress
Cosmetic cracking – movement
Termite nest