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Cornerstone Property Inspections (CPI Australia)

We will perform high quality accurate and unbiased Reports that are a very useful tool in helping the purchaser make the correct decision.

HONESTY, INTEGRITY and COMMITMENT with 35 years of experience being given to you, as our VALUED CLIENTS and going into each and every INSPECTION and REPORT.

At Cornerstone Property Inspections (CPI Australia) we provide a premium service and information that goes beyond what you would expect.


At Cornerstone Property Inspections (CPI Australia) we include the use of the latest equipment for comprehensive findings. This includes the use of, but not limited to:

Inspection Bore Scope Camera – we use this for hard to access places that may be of concern.  It is an optical instrument designed to assist visual inspection of narrow, difficult-to-reach cavities, consisting of a rigid or flexible tube with an eyepiece or display on one end, an objective lens or camera on the other.

Thermal Imaging Camera – this is a very helpful device to detect the heat signature of potential termite activity and water leaks. This technology helps in the location of moisture which can be an indicator of defects. Potential leaks include broken pipes and areas around the bathroom and laundry for example.

Moisture Meter – The Moisture Encounter Plus Meter (IC MEP) is used to determine areas of high moisture or potential moisture ingress, making it an excellent tool for building inspectors. It is used to measure the moisture content of an item using an electromagnetic field, which can penetrate the materials you wish to measure for moisture.